With everyone’s safety in mind we have updated our cleaning procedures and made all of our games private. We are now part of San Bernardino County’s COVID-Compliant Business Partnership Program. We ask just a few things from our guests, like please remember to social distance-just in case there is another group in the lobby, wash your hands and/or use sanitizer (we have some for you) and please book your games with your household group only. Together we can now get back to having some well deserved fun! Limited bookings available on the weekends right now. For questions please email us at info@escapethis.live.

What is an escape room?

Real-life escape games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are put into a scenario where they have to use elements of the room to find clues,
solve a series of puzzles, and complete the objective within a set time limit.

You have 60 minutes to find the clues and solve the puzzles-are you up to the challenge? Will you Escape This?

Highly rated on Facebook, Google, and Yelp.  No need to go down the hill when we have great fun right here in Hesperia.
Reservations are required 2 hour prior to game time and the recommended age limit is 12 and over.



Co workers

Team Building

An escape room adventure is a great way to strengthen your work team.
Round up the boss and co-workers and come down for some hard earned fun and walk away a stronger team.


Date Night

Tired of doing the same old thing every weekend? Or worse yet nothing at all.
Gather some friends and make a memorable date night, all while staying in the High Desert.


Family Fun!

Your family looking a little down these days? Have family visiting and need something new to do?
Impress both young and old with hands-on, dive right in escape room adventure.


Revenge of Mosi-NOW OPEN

Brand NEW Game!

You thought you stopped the curse the first time-you were wrong.   Now he threatens to unleash terror throughout the world unless you stop him once and for all.
Be warned things have gotten spooky during the year. Enter the tomb if you dare and try and solve the final saga of Mosi’s Curse. Great for experienced players or new players looking for a challenge. 


Hotel Room

The Royal Suite

The dream has come true! You and your friends hold the winning lottery ticket. To celebrate you reserve the swankiest suite in town-The Royal Suite.
Now as you wake up, you realize things got a little out of hand and none of you can find the ticket.
There is a chance you can sneak back into the room, but time will be ticking.
Can you find the winning lottery ticket and escape the Royal Suite? Or will you give up on winning it big? Great game for beginners!




The Triton

You have heard the legends that seemed to fantastic to be true, about a one of a kind submarine, The Triton.
It was believed to have traveled the seas on great adventures, but had been lost to pirates.
Yet, now it sits in the harbor and they need your research team’s help to discover its secrets.
You are sure nothing can go wrong on this amazing research mission…..



Coming Soon

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