Mosi's Curse-RETIRED


We will have another game to replace this shortly!

You and your group are in quite a predicament. A tomb raider was just caught and is rambling about a curse that has been unleashed and will reach full strength in 60 minutes. A curse that is sure to destroy human kind as we know it. Your group is our only chance, you must find the clues left by the guardians to solve the puzzles and stop the curse before its too late.

This game will be retired January 6, 2020, so book now!


Escape Rate:          75%

Difficulty Level:     5 out of 10

Creepy Factor:    5 out of 10

The Royal Suite

The dream has come true! You and your friends hold the winning lottery ticket. To celebrate you reserve the swankiest suite in town-The Royal Suite. Now as you wake up, you realize things got a little out of hand and none of you can find the ticket. There is a chance you can sneak back into the room, but time will be ticking. Can you find the winning lottery ticket and escape the Royal Suite? Or will you give up on winning it big?

Escape Rate:        70%                            Difficulty Level:   5 out of 10

Physical Level:     6 out of 10               Party Level:          8 out of 10

Note: All doors in this game are 36" wide. There is adult party decor including alcohol bottles and gambling depicted in the game, that may not be suited for younger players.

Hotel Room

The Triton

You have heard the legends that seemed to fantastic to be true, about a one of a kind submarine, The Triton.

It was believed to have traveled the seas on great adventures, but had been lost to pirates. Yet, now it sits in the harbor and they need your research team’s help to discover its secrets. You are sure nothing can go wrong on this amazing research mission…..

Escape Rate:    23%                               Difficulty Level:  8 out of 10

Physical Level:  5 out of 10               Participants: 4-10

Special effects may be in use including sirens, fog machine, and strobe lights.


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